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               We have Nitrile Gloves 

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Our Products

Surface Disinfectant Wipes

EPA Registered 

 1 Minute kill time
XL wipe 9"x 7"
Qty: 50 Per Pack
24 Pack in each case



24 units per case

Prince Premium  Nitrile Gloves

Powder Free

ASTM approved

Latex Free

Single Use only

$21.99 ea.

100 per box

KN95 Respirator Mask

95% filtration (0.3 micron) airborne particles

3D foldable design
Elastic ear-loop, soft fabric


$2.99 ea.

20 units per box

4-Ply Mask 

 Level 3

Fluid resistant 160 mm Hg
<5.0 mm H20/cm2 
>98% bacterial filtration 

>98% sub-micron  filtration at .1 micron


$.39 ea.

50 units per box

Level 2

Disposable Gowns

Singe Use

One Size Fits All

 isolation gown

Overlap Back, Tie Neck

Knitted Cuff


Non Woven

$2.35 ea.

50 units per case

Aylex Medical Nitrile  XS Gloves

XS Size

Powder Free

Blue/light Purple

Powder Free

QMS Certified




10 boxes per case

Face Shield

Anti-fog foam top
7mm polyester film
Elastic band

Can be worn with or without glasses
Latex free

$1.50 ea

25 units per box

N95 NIOSH Approved Mask


 95% Viral filtration

 98% Particle Filtration

Fold Flat

Individually Packed

$4.99 ea

20 boxes per case

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